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We answer with professionalism to the needs of each client.


Areas of activity

Both in litigations and in legal assistance, we supply the legal solution that is the most simple, logical and useful for the client, in practical conditions. In each file, we accomplish with good faith our professional obligations and we identify the best possible alternatives.

Contentious administrative matters

or “The house specialty”
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or “Probably no. 1 in Romania”
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Civil procedure

„The queen” of all the trials
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Criminal law and business criminal law

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Business law, the law of ”noncriminal” business, arbitration and litigations “with professionals”

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Civil law

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The freedom of speech and the fundamental rights of man

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Insurance and traffic accidents or of work

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Family law

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Mircea Ursuța

Attorney at law with over 20 years of experience.


Simina Sala

Attorney at law with over 10 years of experience.


Ana Zgîrd

Graduate of the Faculty of Letters (Class of 2003) and of Faculty of Law (Class of 2014)


Vanesa Coita

Absolventă a Facultății de Drept din cadrul Universității din Oradea

Narcisa Dărăban-poza 1

Narcisa Dărăban

Absolventă a Facultății de Drept din cadrul Universității din Oradea


- Primii, întotdeauna – prima hotărâre „pe” Codul Civil din 2011

- Experiență judiciară – procese importante câștigate – spre exemplu, „anularea” societăților din București

- Experiență administrativă – fost Secretar de Stat în Ministerul Justiției

- Experiență academică – conducere de doctorat pe domenii unice în România